Sonic Heroes Gamecube PC Edition 2015

Sonic Heroes Gamecube PC Edition 2015, play sonic games in your computer and you don't need any emulator to run it. Cause what we share today, is computer edition just install and it will be ready to be played. Actually this game released for gamecube, ps2 and xbox. In my childhold i play this one in my nintendo and it still 2D Graphics. Play as team and collect as many as rings can be collected.

Sonic Heroes Gameplay For PC Version

Sonic Heroes Gameplay For PC Version

Sonic Heroes All Teams

For you who played in nintendo version, you will find out that the gameplay not like the old one. In this game, we will play as team, every level you will need other char to support you. For example you play sonic and knucles, they have different ability and skills, sonic special skill is running faster than the other, then knucles has special skill more power to break any stone or barrier in the game. Sometimes the stage must have more speed to reach the end, and sometimes it will combine with the other char's skill, this gameplay make us to think and it's really not easy to collect all of the rings.

What Team can be played :
  • Team Sonic
  • Team Rose
  • Team Chaotix
  • Team Dark (My Favourite one)
Download Sonic Heroes Gamecube PC Edition 2015

What's new in this game :
You can be played in 4 modes, they are Challenge, Story, multiplayer and tutorial mode. Every stage that has been finished you will get new characters that can be used in this game .

Next post i will share the other version Shadow the Hedgehog, so stay tune here and make sure you got all edition here. In this post, we share two version of the games, you can choose rip or full version. What is the different? Rip has mini size but has been decrease in some of quality like sound or video.

Special bonus :
Clubnes really like the opening soundtrack of this game, if you also love it try to search We Can (Theme of Team Sonic) and Sonic Heroes: Main Theme or you can try to heard the song below.

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